Friday, June 13, 2014

Freebies, Fun, Collab and Quote Challenge!

I have a lot to share with you today including some freebies! But first I want to apologize for
not getting back here on Monday with the promised news of a Quote Challenge. Photoshop
and my computer decided to crash and burn Again...LOL! After days of trying to get it running
right, I gave up for a couple of days and borrowed my daughter's laptop to get this done!

To make it up to you, I extended my store sale of 45% off,  another 5 days thru June 23rd and
if you chose to make a layout using the free kit I am giving everyone for the Quote Challenge,
I have included another 10% off coupon in the participation prize!  That will give you a total of
55% off of everything in my store include the CU products!   :-) we go! First up...the Quote Challenge! It is being held in the KittenScraps Forum

Father's Day is this Sunday and I want to honor not only all Dads, but the wonderful men that
fill the role of Father Figure in the lives of children who don't have a Dad looking out for them.

So I made this kit and separate word tags that you can find in my stores There are so many
beautiful things in these kits to make some great layouts to honor the men in your lives and
it's appropriately named:

Here's a look at them

I made an add-on for the Fatherly Love kit to be used for the Quote Challenge. Here is the 
preview of the Add-On:

The Quote Challenge is super easy and super fun! This preview is of the Participation Prize (PP)
You will get a direct download link to get 3 of the papers, 8 elements and 1 of the number sets
to do your layout with. Once you make a layout and post it in the challenge thread, I will send
you a link to get the rest of the Add-On and a coupon for another 10% off the current sale, good
for 3 uses thru June 23rd! Sound like fun?  :-)

Now I have one more bit of news for you and another freebie that you can get here.

A fellow designer has been going thru some health issues and needs our help. 

A wonderful group of ladies got together and created a beautiful, All CU Collab! You will be 
able to see the beautiful colors that were used for it, close up, because I will be giving you 4 Free
QP's over the next few days, so you can have a look at some of what is in this gorgeous Collab. 

Here is a look at it:

This beautiful collab has a butterfly script, a full alpha, silk flower templates in png format, a script and template Tag bundle, various paper packs and clipart sets, glitters and 2 sets of frames. 

This is a wonderful way to lend a "Helping Hand" to a special lady and her family, while 
'helping' yourself  to a large, beautiful CU package! This collab was made to help a fellow 
designer with medical needs and all purchases will go to help her and her family. 

You can find out more information about it and the collab in the

Here is your first Free QP made using items from this collab

You can direct download it here

Thanks so very much for stopping by. If you wish to leave a comment, please do so as
I love hearing from you. As always, there are no irritating captchas to deal with...LOL!



  1. I love this page; the layout and the colors are awesome! Thank you.

  2. thanks for all your hard work, your kits are always special thanks for sharing


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