Friday, April 11, 2014

Free Color Palettes and New Releases

I'm working on getting all of the CU Clipart sets done and uploaded
to the stores. They are all part of the Exclusive RC Clipart products
line, which means they are high quality, both for printing and digital
work and are not available all over the web....LOL!

I've started them by doing the main Holidays and seasonal things first,
and will be adding to this line soon. Here are the previews for
the first 5 sets in stores now:

You can find all of these sets in either of these stores:

They are all on sale as part of my grand opening in the KittenScraps 
store and are 50% off until April 15th.

I also have 3 new free color palettes for you!

These are all full size, 300 dpi. To download them,
just click on the first one. It will open in a pop up
window, then right click and save to your computer.
You will see the next 2 there, so you can just click on
the next one you want or x off of the first one and go
to the next one you want. If you like having free color
palettes, please leave a captcha free comment so I know
if this is something you would like me to make more of.

Thanks A Bunch!
Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Store, Sale and Freebie, Earth Day Blog Train

I'm finally able to get this posted! The internet has been down more than
it's been working for the past 24 hours. Hoping it stays up now...LOL!

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm now in the KittenScraps and Friends Shoppe!
To celebrate it with you, I'm having a 50% grand opening sale!

I also have a freebie for you there that is an add-on for the Pixel Scrapper
Earth Day Blog Train that you can get at the bottom of this post. You do
need to register with the store to download the freebie, but Do Not have
to give credit/debit card or paypal info to get the freebies there.

And here is my contribution to the Pixel Scrapper Train this month:

As always, this is a direct download link, no pop-ups and no captcha to leave
a comment. I always love to read your comments to see what you think of
the freebies and also, please feel free to add suggestions if you want to!  :-)

You can find the list of the rest of the Train contributions here:

If you're looking for or missed the Hope For Brady Blog Train, it's posted just
below this one. The list for all the other train participants is there also.

Hope For Brady Blog Train Freebie

It's time for the 4th Annual Hope For Brady Autism Awareness Blog Train!
I made a mini kit for you and if you follow the train along, you'll end up
with some wonderful goodies from the designers taking part in this
important train. If you would like to learn more about how and why this
train got started, you can find that info here: 4MyBabies

Now...onto my part of the train and the list of the other participants:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Exclusive Products and 3 Freebies

I'm thrilled to announce a new Exclusive CU4PU/PU 
 product line I've been working on.

For many of you that have been digi-scrapping for years, are already aware of and
like me, are Huge fans of the beautiful, fun graphics from Resale Clipart. Several
months ago, they started offering Exclusive Membership Club graphics that are
separate from and not for sale in their Resale Clipart Store.

I asked for and was given permission (Thank You Angie!), to create a new product
line of kits that you will find in the store in a new section called:

For now you can find these in the P4DSDesignz store and soon I will be joining
the KittenScraps and Friends store.  Each month I'll bring you a new collection
to choose from and build your stash with. There are full scrap kits to choose from
along with clipart/paper packs and extras clipart that will go with each set. You
can mix and match the items you want to customize your 'for sale' kits with or to
choose extras to get your layouts looking perfect!

Here's a look at the kits that have been added to the store and I will start adding
the clipart packs later today. These are Included in the current 55% off sale that I
have going on right now until March 26th. I also have 3 freebies for you!

If you want a closer look at these, just click on each image to enlarge.

And now for your freebies!

I made 3 full size CU paper packs to go with the Easter and Lucky kits.

These papers are lightly corrugated and have 3 colors from each of the 2 Lucky
kits. This is a newsletter freebie and there are 2 easy ways you can get it.
This is a link to download it directly from the newsletter posted in the store here:

The next paper pack freebie I'll be showing you is a store freebie (no purchase required)
For this one and all freebies in the store, you do need to register to check out but
you Do Not have to give credit card or paypal info to get them. If you want to get
the newsletters, you can check the box at the bottom of the for you register with.
You can find that here: 

There are a lot of freebies in the store too! Many of the designers have Templates
and quick pages that are completely free without purchase, so check them out!

This colorful paper pack matches the Easter Basket Puppies Kit and also goes with 
the separate Easter Puppies Clipart Packs. It's bright colors stand out with a 
slight grunge look to them.

And this is the freebie you can get here. 
As always, it's a direct download without wait time or pop-up ads.

These papers are lightly corrugated to add texture and even tho the preview says
you get 6 papers, there are actually 8 in this pack. You can get them here:

All of these are high quality and have been gamut checked to help 
ensure that your designs will work great for both digi and printing.

Please feel free to leave me some feedback in the comments section below. You
Do Not have to sign-in anywhere or deal with captcha to comment. Due to the
spammers out there, I have to approve the comments before they show up, but
don't worry...I personally check and read them myself and will get them added
not long after you leave them. This is the only way to do it to protect you from
scammer links and not have to have you deal with sign in's or captcha's.

I hope you enjoy the new product line and freebies. Have a great day!

~Hugs~ Kathie

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day Freebie

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

I'm sorry for the delay in getting the new product line to you.
I want to go at one speed and my computer and Photoshop
think slow motion is the only speed there is!

I will finally have everything uploaded to the store by tomorrow morning
along with some nice freebies for you! While your waiting, I thought I
would give you a little green freebie to celebrate today.

I was using a cute 4 leaf clover of Lori's to try and work on my 3D skills a
few weeks ago and this is the result! It's in png format and 300 dpi.

I'm showing you the template I used here, but it's for preview purposes only.
If you would like the template, she has it available in her store.

There are no terms for this...use however you would like!

Here is the original:

And here is what I did with it:

Just click on the clover and save it to your computer.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Project Life Freebie and Announcement

Hi everyone! I have a project life paper and 2 journal cards for you
today along with an exciting announcement to make!

Tomorrow I am launching a new Exclusive CU product line and there will
be several freebies for you to collect too. None of them require a purchase.
So please check back tomorrow to see what's new and snag some great
freebies while you're here!

Today's freebie is PU/S4H/S4O friendly. It's full size and 300 dpi.
I didn't add wording to them so you can add your own for your projects!

This is a direct wait time or pop-up ads! 
No captcha if you choose to leave a comment! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Release, Sale and CU Freebie!

It's Wednesday and the sale has started! Everything is 55% off until March 26th.

This will include all new releases that I will be adding to the store as soon as I
get the previews finished and the kits uploaded for the new Exclusive line of
goodies that are coming out!

We have Photoshop to thank for the delay in getting the previews done for the
new product line...LOL! It decided to crash on me again, this time wiping out
ALL of my presets, so I've spent countless hours tracking them all down on
various external drives. Live and learn as they say! I now have them all backed
up together and in one place!

I have a new CU release added to the store and a CU Freebie for you today.

All of these, including the freebie are Full Size, Hi-Res and saved at 300 dpi.
and have been gamut checked. Use for Layouts, Kits, Quick pages and more!
These rich colors are sure to add depth to all your projects.
Layer them with other textures or transparencies to give them a whole new look!

And here is your freebie pack. Of course since it's March, 
I included a green one for you too!

Just click the preview for a direct download.