Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Kindness Collab and Freebie

I hope you're all making progress with your Hanukkah and Christmas preparations.
It sure is a busy time of  year! Happy Hanukkah to those that celebrate it.

I will be finishing out the year with a Half Off Sale for you. That means most of my
CU Clipart packs are only $1.00 or $1.00 and bundled Clipart is an even better deal
for you. This sale covers Everything in my stores except the collabs.

You can find the links to my stores on the upper right side of my blog

Here are some of the newest CU Clipart Packs available now in my stores:

Aren't they Cute!

My Baby Dreamy Dream Kits are both still on sale
can find some cute freebies for them by scrolling down. I'll be
adding one more freebie for them soon!  :-)

Now on to the Christmas Kindness Collab and your first freebie made from it. 

These kits are packed full of goodies...both PU and CU items in each. What's even better is
that with this collab, you get to choose which size you want...Full Size or Tagger Size! These
are Super Affordable and ALL of the proceeds from these will go to help a very special lady
and her family. Many of you already know her from her loving heart, generous nature and her
beautiful store....P4DSDesignz  Due to months of ongoing serious medical problems for her
family and many, many days of lost work time, some of Lori's very loving and creative designer 'family', came together to make this beautiful collab.

Christmas Kindness Collab Full Size


A group of talented designers have gotten together to bring you
some beautiful things to scrap your memories with and to help a
much loved fellow designer Lori during this difficult time due
to a lengthy medical crisis. Lori is one of the first people to
jump right in to help so many others when they need it. This is
our chance to help her now when she needs it most.

You have a chance to get this large collection of Christmas goodies
for yourself at a small cost while helping Lori and Bill during this
crisis. And you will be amazed over and over again with every zip
you open to find such beautiful Christmas fun all bundle up here!

Here is what is in this collab:

CU Kits with over 80 elements and 70 papers!
5 Large PU/S4H/S4O kits packed full of gorgeous fun things to play with!
1 CU Beautiful Christmas Ornament Template all decorated up for Christmas
2 CU Christmas Stocking Template/Script Sets
1 CU Unique Rayes Designs WimZaKids Angel Template
4 Beautiful Quick Pages ready for you to add your photos to

Combined, you get hundreds of elements and papers to chose from to
make your favorite Christmas memories shine!

Contributing Designers:

Icy Blue Mystic Designs
Rayes Design
Scrappy Granny Designs
Angel Wing Scraps
Kitten Scraps
Eirene Designs
Kathie Stevens Designs

Christmas Kindness Collab Tagger Size


Here is what is in this collab:

CU Kits with over 75 elements and 60 papers!
6 Large PU/S4H/S4O kits packed full of gorgeous fun things to play with!
1 CU Christmas Stocking Template/Script Set
1 CU Unigue Rayes Designs WimZaKids Angel Script

Combined, you get hundreds of elements and papers to chose from to
make your favorite Christmas memories shine!

Contributing Designers:
Rayes Design
Happy Pumpkin Studio
Icy Blue Mystic Designs
Angel Wing Scraps
Kitten Scraps
Honored Scraps
Kathie Stevens Designs

Available at.......

* p4dsdesigns:

And your first freebie from this gorgeous collab. It's a Full Size QP ready for you to add your favorite photo behind it, then email or print!

You can download it HERE
This is a direct download with no wait time or pop-up ads. I hope you enjoy the freebie!
Please check back soon for more free goodies! Thanks so much for sticking with me thru
a lengthy post of info to share with you!  :-)    ~Hugs~  Kathie

Monday, December 1, 2014

Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking 2014 and Sale

Hi everyone! I hope everyone got some awesome deals shopping on Black Friday.
Now here we are with Cyber Monday and a chance to snag more deals! To join in
on the fun, I've been running a 50% Off Sale at all of my stores that started in time
for Black Friday. To celebrate Cyber Monday, I decided to extend this sale right
thru next weekend!!!

I won't be running a half off sale again for awhile, so if you need or want some
cute things to add to your stash, now is the perfect time to stock up!

You can find the links to my stores in the upper right side of my blog

To add to the fun, today kicks off a fun annual event...

Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies 2014

Just click the image above to go to the official site to find all the links
to the designers blogs that are taking part in this

I have made a cute PU Kit for you. I hope you enjoy it and can make some adorable
layouts to document your Christmas fun, family and memories with.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to you!  ~Hugs~  Kathie

Saturday, November 1, 2014

DSD Sale and Cute Freebie

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day and Weekend

As most of you know that have been digi scrapping for awhile, today is a big
day full of fun, sales and freebies galore! I have the first of many freebies for
you today and am having a 50% Off Sale in all of my stores. Links to them are
in the upper right corner of my blog. This sale will only last a week, so make sure
to take advantage of anything you've been wanting to get. 

The sale is good for everything in my stores, including Bundles and CU items.

My sale ad is also a sneak peek at my next kit, 
which will be in stores by Monday!

My featured kits this weekend are my newest additions to my stores....2 Super Cute
Baby Kits. If you missed them, the 2 posts below this one each have 2 freebies that
were made from these kits and I have a couple more freebies for them coming soon.

Here's a look at the Baby Dreamy Dream Kits that are in stores now and on sale!
Both kits are full of goodies and make the cutest layouts of the little ones in your life!

Now onto your first freebie of this busy weekend. I have 2 PU adorable elements for you.
I made these while testing the newest actions and templates for a very talented designer.
If you haven't seen her designs before, make sure to check out her blog. She has some
super cute freebies she gives away on her blog and FB page. You will also find a large
selection of her actions, templates and element packs in her stores. You can find her
blog HERE and from there, her stores and FB page to snag the freebies there. The link
will open in a new window for you, so no need to worry if you haven't gotten all the 
freebies from here first and don't want to be lead away....LOL! So make sure to visit
Eirene of Eirene Designs

This freebie has an adorable tree and snowman for you. Both are full size, 300 dpi, so you
can use them in your printable layouts. This is a direct link with no wait time and if you
would like to leave a comment, please do so. This blog is a captcha free zone!  :-)

You can download this freebie HERE

Hugs everyone and happy blog hopping your way thru this weekend. Make sure to come
back for more goodies here too!  :-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Tagger Kit and 2 Freebies

Hi everyone! I am gradually taking my full size kits that are available in my stores
and making tagger sizes of them available. My new kits will all be available in both
full size and tagger size. If there are any want that are not yet in my stores, please feel
free to let me know which kit or kits you want tagger size for and I will get those done
first for you. Here is the newest tagger available:

I have 2 more freebies for you today made from my latest kit releases: 

Baby Dreamy Dreams Boy and Baby Dreamy Dreams Girl

You can find the links to my stores in the upper right side of my  blog

The 2 freebies today are super cute cluster frames. If you didn't get the
2 free quick pages for these kits, just scroll down one post to download them!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Releases, Sale and 2 Cute Freebies

Hi everyone. It's hard to believe this month is almost over and with all the crazy,
stressful things that have been going on here, I only got 1 post done for you...but
it definitely was a good one...LOL! 3 Freebies on that one...2 QP's and an awesome

Well here is why...Some of you may know that I have 2 Adorable fur babies in the form 
of 2 Black Lab rescue dogs. They are so loving and as sweet as can be. The month started 
out with the older of the 2 getting attacked and injured by a neighbor's dog, who has done this before...just not as bad as this time. He is a large dog and his owners have an Invisible Fence 
for him, but as they say "We keep forgetting to change the batteries in his collar" Great! And
a new family with 2 small children just moved in next to them. Many of the wounds on
Maggie were very deep punctures and hard to heal. She is normally so quiet and would
lay there moaning in pain, which broke my heart. She is thankfully, finally doing much
better and is back up on her feet. So I grabbed a couple of photos to show you of my 
wonderful girls before getting on to the super cute new kits and freebies I have for you.
And don't worry, I will not be posting pictures of Maggie's injuries.

Maggie was 4 when we adopted Sophie. Both are rescue dogs, I adopted Maggie and then
my daughter got Sophie.  Maggie immediately took on a mother role and Sophie liked to stay
as close as she could get to Maggie.

Quite often she slept on top of Maggie's head...lmbo! She's doing that in this photo and
the look on Maggie's face is priceless!  LOL!  :-)

And this photo was taken a few days ago with our Maggie close to being all healed up.
They scrunched up the blanket on my daughter's bed and decided to take a nap...LOL!

As you can see, Sophie doesn't fit on top of Maggie's head anymore. The timing of Maggie
being injured couldn't have been any worse since we are in the middle of packing and getting
the house ready to sell. I am disabled and am living with my daughter. But she is getting
married and moving away and I am trying to find somewhere else to live on such a limited
disability income. We all know the effect of stress and worry on our bodies....exhaustion sets
in big time.

In the middle of all this chaos, I managed to get 2 large Super Cute Baby Kits made. Making
these adorable kits and working on such cute things, sure helped lift my spirits this month. I
hope you enjoy them too and the freebies that I have for you made from items in the kits.

Today I have 2 quick pages for you...a boy one and a girl one. I have many more freebies
from these kits, that I will be posting during the week after I get the previews done for them.
All my stores are at 35% off until the end of the month, so if you want either or both of the
kits, you can get them at a great price!

Here are the full kit previews for both kits called:

Baby Dreamy Dreams

Here is the Boy QP

You can download it HERE

Here is the Girl QP

You can download it HERE

Thanks for stopping by today and for getting thru this very long post! If you would like to
see what adorable layouts you can make from these kits, my friend and super talented
designer friend Eirene made some absolutely Adorable layouts of her nieces and nephews.
I used some of her templates in the making of these kits, so go check out her cute layouts
and while you're there, check out the cool freebies she has this month!  :-)

You can find Eirene's blog HERE

Thanks Eirene for sharing your Adorable layouts with us  :-)

Hugs all and have a fabulous day~ Kathie

Friday, September 19, 2014

New Designer Announcement and 3 New Freebies

I have some exciting news to share with you today. Some of you may already
be familiar with my very talented CT Raye. I have mentoring her for the past
several months and she is now in her very first store and has made some beautiful
kits and has a brand new product line of templates called WimZs...and they are

Here are a few previews of these adorable CU WimZs

This little cutie Alexis is in the School Days kit

We have made 2 freebies for you from her School Days kit

And Raye is giving you the Backpack Template 
she made to use in this adorable kit! How cool is that?

You will find it on her blog along with a free QP from this kit.

I also have a free QP for you from this kit, so today 
you end up with 3 freebies!

Here are the previews and links to all of today's goodies

Here is mine

You can get it here using this direct download link

You will find the Free Template and QP from Raye here:

Just click on each image to go to her blog to pick these up

This is to the free template and you will also find the
info there about her CU4CU License and Script License

And here is the free QP Raye made for you

If you head over to Raye's blog to collect these fabulous freebies,
please leave her a little love and welcome her to the design community!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and please check back soon.
I have 2 new kits going into the stores in the next day or 2 and of course
there will be Lots of freebies for you!  :-)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Carnival QP 3 Freebie

Today I have the last of the Carnival QP freebies for you. If you missed any of them,
just scroll down thru the previous posts to collect them all. There are 4 total including
one that is a P4DSDesignz Store Exclusive Freebie!

You still have 3 more days to take advantage of my 45% off sale of my entire store!

My newest addition to the store is this cool ready to print Carnival Scrapbook
The free QP's are sized the same as the book so you can add them to it.

You can find it HERE

And a brief reminder of the the store Carnival Collab

You can find the super cute collab HERE

And finally your freebie along with some CT inspiration from Raye!

You can download your freebie HERE