Friday, April 11, 2014

Free Color Palettes and New Releases

I'm working on getting all of the CU Clipart sets done and uploaded
to the stores. They are all part of the Exclusive RC Clipart products
line, which means they are high quality, both for printing and digital
work and are not available all over the web....LOL!

I've started them by doing the main Holidays and seasonal things first,
and will be adding to this line soon. Here are the previews for
the first 5 sets in stores now:

You can find all of these sets in either of these stores:

They are all on sale as part of my grand opening in the KittenScraps 
store and are 50% off until April 15th.

I also have 3 new free color palettes for you!

These are all full size, 300 dpi. To download them,
just click on the first one. It will open in a pop up
window, then right click and save to your computer.
You will see the next 2 there, so you can just click on
the next one you want or x off of the first one and go
to the next one you want. If you like having free color
palettes, please leave a captcha free comment so I know
if this is something you would like me to make more of.

Thanks A Bunch!
Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

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